•  SORALUCE  Floor type milling boring center
 SORALUCE  Floor type milling boring center

SORALUCE Floor type milling boring center


      • Advanced SORALUCE technology geared towards maximising productivity, precision and customisation: DAS system, Accura Heads, SSV and Adaptive Control. 
      • Multitasking machine: milling and turning solution in a single set-up 
      • Automated solutions: integrated palletised workpiece loading and unloading systems and robot-based solutions
      • SORALUCE head technology: highly reliable, extensive range of SORALUCE quills and heads
      • Automatic head and tool changing systems
      • SORALUCE Digital, Data System: comprehensive monitoring package with continuous information of machine and process status 
      • Great precision and efficiency with the high-torque, direct drive spindle motor
      • High dynamics with speeds of up to 35 m/min and acceleration of 1 m/s2 (longitudinal) and 1.5 m/s(vertical and cross)
      • Low gravity centre design providing improved stability
      • Enhanced productivity and precision for components belonging to industrial vehicles, moulds and dies, capital goods and precision engineering industries
      • Flexible machine architecture facilitating different machine configurations, the use of different work stations and pendulum machining
      • Total machine concept design: complete working area analysed for optimal comfort, safety and ergonomics (maintenance spots, operator platform)


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